You are currently viewing Download NMR Spectroscopy Notes for B.SC 3rd Year – PDF

Download NMR Spectroscopy Notes for B.SC 3rd Year – PDF

This article contains Colorful Handwritten Notes of NMR Spectroscopy for B.SC 3rd Year. This notes are equally useful for semester students too. This notes are solely written for B.Sc students who are in search of important questions and topics for exams. In the previous article, we have provided you Inorganic chemistry Handwritten Notes for B.Sc 3rd Year.

Important Topics of NMR Spectroscopy for B.Sc 3rd Year

NMR Spectro is a vast unit in itself. Considering only B.Sc exams we actually don’t have to study all the topics. Selected topics with proper analysis of previous year papers will do our work. Topics that you don’t have to miss out before your exams are – Chemical Shift, 1H NMR, Principles of NMR Spectroscopy, spin-spin splitting and coupling constants, PMR Spectra of ethanol, ethyl bromide, 1,1,2-tribromoethane.

Download NMR Spectroscopy Handwritten Notes for B.Sc Chemistry

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If you would like to consume video content, then you may watch the video on NMR, where we have discussed important topics in bit detail. The link has been provided below.

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