You are currently viewing Real Analysis Handwritten Notes for B.SC 3rd Year Maths – Download PDF

Real Analysis Handwritten Notes for B.SC 3rd Year Maths – Download PDF

This post contains Handwritten Notes of Real Analysis for B.SC 3rd Year and B.SC 5th sem Maths. Also, I have provided past year papers for real analysis which will ace your exam preparation.

In Real Analysis, students have to study about continuous and differentiable function, Integration, Improper Integrals, Sequence and Series & Uniform Convergence.

Students should be well versed with all the tests that are in your syllabus. Important tests includes – Mn Test, comparison test, Cauchy’s root test, ratio test, Rabbe’s test, Logarithmic test ,and De Morgan’s Test.

Questions from Reimann Integral are asked generally on finding R-integrable.

In improper integrals, students will witness some more important test that are somewhat the same as above but works differently. Tests like Abel and Dirichlet Test, Comparison Test an u-test are very important for B.SC exams.

The other vital aspect of Real Analysis are theorems. Theorems are also usually asked in exams from the unit sequences and continuity & Differentiability.

One thing students usually make mistakes while preparing for Real Analysis is that they take the unit continuity and differentiability for granted.

Questions that are asked from C & D are of Class 12th level on finding continuity and differentiability, verifying Rolle’s theorem, Cauchy mean value and Lagrange’s Theroem. Students should take a look at once on these topics too.

Having said that, let’s dive into the Real Analysis Notes.

Download Real Analysis Notes for B.SC 3rd Year (PDF)

Download complete Notes of Real Analysis for B.SC 3rd Year from the below download link. This notes are also useful for 5th semester students of any universities. It is highly requested that besides this pdf, also watch the complete playlist of Real Analysis on YouTube that I have made for B.SC students. We have also solved previous year papers which will help students in their exam preparation.

Download Past Year Papers of Real Analysis (PDF)

Below are the links for past year papers of real analysis of 2022, 2019 and 2018. Go through these papers as most questions are repeated from previous years in B.SC.

Some of the videos link I have provided below from Real Analysis playlist. Do watch the complete playlist from YouTube, as we have discussed each and every topic in detail.

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