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B.SC 2nd Year Inorganic Chemistry Important Questions 2022

In this article, I am going to provide you with the most important questions for inorganic chemistry for B.SC 2nd Year with a downloadable PDF.

In the previous article, we have seen Organic Chemistry most important questions for B.SC 2nd Year.

Most of the chapters that you have seen here, have been already studied by you in Class 11th and 12th. So, it will become quite easy for you to deal with these chapters.

Let’s firstly quickly see the syllabus of B.SC 2nd Year Inorganic Chemistry.

1. Chemistry of Transition Elements ( First Transition Series)2. Chemistry of Transition Elements (Second and Third Series)
3. Oxidation and Reduction4. Coordination Chemistry
5. Chemistry of Lanthanides6. Chemistry of Actinides
7. Acids and Bases8. Non Aqueous Solvents

Important Topics of Inorganic Chemistry for B.SC 2nd Year

Some of the most important topics that you have to see thoroughly include: Lanthanoid Contraction, General configuration, and application of actinoids, properties of lanthanoid and actinoids, Werner’s theory for coordination compounds, Nomenclature of coordination compounds (IUPAC system), Valence bond theory, Lux-Flood and Lewis concept of acids and bases, self-auto-ionization, precipitation reactions, acid-base reaction, oxidation-reduction reactions, salvation, and solvolysis of non-aqueous solvent NH3 and SO2.

B.SC 2nd Year Inorganic Chemistry Most Important Questions

Download the most important questions of inorganic chemistry for B.SC 2nd Year from the link given below.

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