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B.SC 2nd Year Physical Chemistry Important Questions 2022

In this post, I have provided you most important questions of Physical Chemistry for B.SC 2nd Year.

Previously, we have seen important questions of Organic and Inorganic Chemistry for B.SC 2nd Year.

The syllabus of Physical Chemistry is comprised of 6 units as shown below:

1. Thermodynamics (II)2. Chemical Equilibrium
3. Phase Equilibrium4. Electrochemistry (I)
5. Electrochemistry (II) 6. Surface Chemistry

Thermodynamics (Part 1) is included in B.SC 1st Year where you have studied about First Law of Thermodynamics. In the 2nd Year, you have to study in detail about Second Law.

Electrochemistry both parts(Part 1 and Part II) is also included in your 2nd Year syllabus, but in semester mode it is divided into two different sem.

NOTE: This syllabus is taken from on specific university. The syllabus might differ for different universities. Kindly check your syllabus from your university website.

Important Topics of Physical Chemistry for B.SC 2nd Year

Some of the important topics that are usually asked in exams are: Statements of the Second law of thermodynamics, Carnot engine and its efficiency, Entropy, Gibbs-Helmholtz, Clausius Clapeyron Equation, Irreversible Process, Law of mass action, Kp and Kc, Le Chatelier’s Principle, Phase, component, degree of freedom, Raoult’s law, Azeotropes, Nernst Distribution Law, Ostwal Dilution Law, Kohlrausch’s law, Arrhenius theory of electrolytic dissociation and its limitations, Mechanism of buffer action, Freundlich’s and Langmuir’s adsorption isotherms, and Colloidal Particles.

How to score good marks in Physical Chemistry?

Some personal tips to score good marks in physical chemistry:

  1. Thoroughly practice important derivation.
  2. Make proper notes.
  3. Solve previous year’s papers of your university.
  4. Practice Important Numericals.

Download Important Questions of Physical Chemistry for B.SC 2nd Year

To download PDF of Physical Chemistry most important questions for B.SC 2nd Year, kindly click on the download link below.

Also, check out important videos of Physical Chemistry for Exams, on our YouTube channel Padhai Ka Safar. Some of the important video links have been provided below.

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