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Best Books for B.Sc Chemistry (1st, 2nd & 3rd Year) – 2022

This article contains best recommended books for B.Sc Chemistry Students. The books listed below are available both in English and Hindi. These books are useful for both Semester & Yearly students. Below in this post, I have also provided links to Free-Ebooks sites from where you can download B.Sc books completely for free.

NOTE- If you are planning to buy a new book, then it is advisable to get a complete package for all 3 Years, instead of buying individual books every year or semester.

Having said that, Let’s dive in.

B.Sc Organic Chemistry Recommended Books

Some of the best books for B.Sc Organic Chemistry which are recommended in most of the universities are listed below-

  1. Arun Bahl, B.S. Bahl, A Textbook of Organic Chemistry

2. R, L Madan, Chemistry for Degree Students

These books come semester wise as well as combined for all 3 Years. Students are advised to buy the latest edition books only. For Organic Chemistry Notes, you can check out our previous article of B.Sc 1st Year Organic Chemistry Complete Notes.

B.Sc Inorganic Chemistry Recommended Books

Books for Inorganic Chemistry are-

  1. J.D. Lee, Concise Inorganic Chemistry

2. Arun Bhal, B.S. Bhal, Textbook for Organic Chemistry

J.D. Lee, Inorganic Chemistry book is also very much helpful for competitive exams like JEE and NEET.

B.Sc Physical Chemistry Recommended Books

Recommended books for Physical Chemistry are-

  1. Arun Bhal, B.S. Bhal,G.D. Tuli Essentials of Physical Chemistry

2. R.L. Madan, Chemistry of Degree Students

3. P.W. Atkins, Physical Chemistry

If you have decided to get these books from the college library, then do compare your university syllabus with the book that you are borrowing.

B.Sc Practicals Recommended Books for Chemistry

For B.Sc Practicals, you don’t need to buy individual semester or yearly books. Recommended Books for B.Sc Practical Chemistry is given below-

  1. Practical Chemistry, By Dr. O.P. Pandey, D.N. Bajpai, Dr. S. Giri, S.Chand

Personally, I don’t recommend Krishna Publication Books for Chemistry. Though there’s no doubt Krishna Books are best for Mathematics but for Chemistry and Physics, it lacks somewhere. Krishna Books are exam oriented, but if you have to build your concepts then you must have to use good books by renowned writers.

How to Download B.Sc Free E-Books?

There are three popular free e-books websites from where you can download B.Sc E-Books. The list of all three of them is given below-

  1. Google Books
  2. FreeEbookCenter
  3. eGyanKosh

I have made the video regarding this topic, which you may check out from below-

So, these are the list of best books for B.Sc Chemistry. If you would like to consume the video content, then you can check out our YouTube Channel Padhai Ka Safar.

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