You are currently viewing Download Basic Electronics Notes For B.SC 3rd Year Physics (PDF)

Download Basic Electronics Notes For B.SC 3rd Year Physics (PDF)

This post contains hadwritten notes of Network theorems & Basic Electronics for B.SC 3rd Year Physics. The notes provided below are made according to semester mode. In sem mode, Logical gates and feedback amplifier is included in Bsc 6th sem.

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Important Topics of Basic Electronics:

  1. Network Theorems – Network theorems including Superposition, Thevenin and Norton’s are generally asked in exams. Practice proof of Superposition and Thevenin with important circuit diagrams.
  2. Amplifiers – RC- coupled amplifier and Class B Push-Pull amplifier are the most important topic in this unit. Apart form this, difference between power amplifiers and voltage amplifiers, and definition of Class A, B, C, AB amplifiers are also very important topics for exams.
  3. Transistors – Bipolar transistor, types of transistors (npn and pnp transistor), CE, CB, CC configuration are the most highlt asked topics in this unit.
  4. Rectifiers – In this unit thoroughly revise Half wave rectifier, Bridge rectifier, Ripple factor, low pass and high pass filter, L section and pi section filter.
  5. Diodes – Important diodes that are usually asked in exams are -Zener diode as a voltage regulator, p-n junction diode, Tunnel diode, Varactor diode, LED, Point-contact diode and Photodiode.

Download Basic Electronics Notes PDF for B.SC 3rd year Physics

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