You are currently viewing Download Quantum Mechanics Notes PDF for B.SC 3rd Year Physics

Download Quantum Mechanics Notes PDF for B.SC 3rd Year Physics

This article will provide you with complete notes of quantum mechanics for B.SC 3rd Year Physics. Apart from quantum notes, I have also provided notes for Special Theory of Relativity, which is included in the semester syllabus. These notes are useful for both sem and annual mode students.

Quantum Mechanics deals with the motion and interaction of subatomic particles like electrons, protons, and neutrons. It basically tells about the behavior of matter and light.

Most of students have this perception that quantum mechanics is a tough subject to study. But, I would like to tell you that it is one of the easiest paper that will boost your marks in Physics.

In B.SC exams, questions that are asked from quantum are generally of intermediate level. Most of the topics have been already studied by you in class 11 and 12th.

There are total five units in Quantum Mechanics, which are as follows:

  1. Origin of Quantum Mechanics
  2. Wave-Particle Duality
  3. Formalism of Quantum Mehcanics
  4. Special theory of relativity

Most Important Topics of Quantum Mechanics include: Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Black Body Radiation, Planck’s radiation law, Compton Effect, Photoelectric effect, Davisson-Germer Experiment, De Broglie waves, Schrodinger Wave Equation, Hermitian operator, Momentum Operator, Energy operator, postulates of quantum mechanics

Important Topics for Theory of Relativity: Galilean Transformation Equation, Lorentz Transformation Equation, Postulates of theory of relativity, Time dilation, concept of four vector, Length contraction, Michleson-Morely Experiment, Frames of reference.

Download Quantum Mechanics Handwritten Notes for B.SC 3rd Year

Below is the link provided for notes of quantum mechanics with special theory of relativity for B.SC 3rd year physics.

Pro Tip – Thoroughly practice derivation of Schrodinger time-dependent and independent wave equation, as this topic has been asked in long sections almost every year.

Also, do check out the complete playlist of quantum mechanics for B.SC 3rd Year Physics on YouTube channel Padhai Ka Safar. We have discussed each and every topic in detail which will help you score well in exams. Some of the important video links, I have provided below.

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