You are currently viewing Inorganic Chemistry Handwritten Notes for B.SC 2nd Year – Download PDF

Inorganic Chemistry Handwritten Notes for B.SC 2nd Year – Download PDF

This post contains notes of Inorganic Chemistry for B.SC 2nd Year. In the previous article, we have seen Notes of Organic Chemistry for B.SC 2nd Year.

In B.SC 2nd Year, there are total 8 units in Inorganic Chemistry namely-

  • Chemistry of Transition Elements ( First Transition Series).
  • Chemistry of Transition Elements (Second and Third Series)
  • Oxidation and Reduction
  • Coordination Chemistry
  • Chemistry of Lanthanides
  • Chemistry of Actinides
  • Acids and Bases
  • Non-Aqueous Solvent

Most of the chapters you have already studied in Class 12th. And, if you have prepared for any competitive exams after Class 12th like JEE and NEET, then these chapters will be a cakewalk for you.

In Coordination Chemistry, Crystal Field Theory (CFT) is not included in 2nd Year Syllabus. You have to study in detail about Valence Bond Theory for coordination compounds.

Transition elements and Lanthanides & Actinides have been replaced by the name D & f block elements. You have prepared this chapter for your Board Exams in Class 12th. Therefore, you will find it easy to prepare for this unit as no extra topics have been added to it.

Acid and Bases contains four important topics – Arrhenius concept, Bronsted-Lowry concept Lux-Flood and Lewis concept of Acid and Bases.

In Non-Aqueous Solvent, Auto-ionization, salvation and solvolysis, reaction in non-aqueous solvent like liq NH3 and SO2 are the most important topics to study.

Download Inorganic Chemistry Notes for B.SC 2nd Year

Download Notes and Important questions and answerss for Inorganic Chemistry B.SC 2nd Year from the below download link-

Transition Elements Notes (PDF)

Coordination Chemistry (Part 1) Notes

Coordination Chemistry (Part 2) Notes

Lanthanides and Actinides Important Questions with Answers

Acid & Bases, HSAB and Non-Aqueous Solvent Important Questions with Answers (PDF)

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