You are currently viewing Download B.SC 2nd Year Previous Year Papers- Physics, Chemistry and Maths (PDF)

Download B.SC 2nd Year Previous Year Papers- Physics, Chemistry and Maths (PDF)

In this article, we are going to see B.SC 2nd Year Papers for Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. These papers are of Kumaun University and are also useful for 3rd and 4th Semester students.

In most of the universities, there are two mode of colleges- Annual and Semester Mode. Semester exams are usually held before the yearly examination.

So, the annual mode students get a little extra edge for their preparation because by studying in the same university college, they can go through the semester papers for the same year. This can help yearly students better in their exam preparation.

After Covid 19, in most universities, exam pattern has been changed and the syllabus has also been revised. Few papers that are given below are of Pre-Covid and some papers are of Post-Covid.

Having said that, let’s directly scroll through the papers.

Download Physics Previous Year Papers for B.SC 2nd Year (PDF)

Past Year Papers for B.SC 2nd Year Physics has been given below. Download PDFs by clicking on the download link.

1. Heat and Thermodynamics (2021 Paper)Download PDF
2. Geometrical Optics(2017-18 Paper)Download PDF
3. Physical Optics(2018 Paper)Download PDF
4. Thermodynamics(2017-18 Paper)Download PDF
5. Geometrical Optics(2021 Paper)Download PDF
6. Physical Optics(2019 Paper)Download PDF
7. Physical Optics (2018 Paper)Download PDF
8. Heat Transfer Mechanics (2018 Paper)Download PDF

We have also discussed these papers on YouTube. If you wish you can kindly check out for the same. Some of the important video links I have provided below for B.SC Physics Papers.

Download Chemistry Previous Year Papers for B.SC 2nd Year (PDF)

Download past year Chemistry papers from below-

1. Organic Chemistry (2021 Paper)Download PDF
2. Physical Chemistry (2021 Paper)Download PDF
3. Organic Chemistry (2022 Paper)Download PDF
4. Physical Chemistry (2016 Yearly Paper)Download PDF
5. Inorganic Chemistry (2019-20 Paper)Download PDF

Download Maths Previous Year Papers for B.SC 2nd Year (PDF)

Download Mathematics past year papers for B.SC 2nd year from the below download links-

1. Group Theory(2021 Paper)Download PDF
2. Group Theory (2018 Paper)Download PDF
3. Advance Algebra (2017-18 Paper)Download PDF
4. Differential Equation (2017-18 Paper)Download PDF
5. Mathematical Methods (2018 Paper)Download PDF
6. Vector, Spaces & Matrices (2018 Paper)Download PDF
7. Mechanics (2017-18 Paper)Download PDF

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