You are currently viewing Download B.Sc Environmental Studies Exam Papers & Syllabus PDF

Download B.Sc Environmental Studies Exam Papers & Syllabus PDF

This post contains previous year’s papers of Environmental Studies which will help students to score good grades in exams. These EVS Papers provided below are of Kumaun University but are also very much helpful to each and every university which comes under UGC. Kindly, go through the EVS syllabus of the university in which you are currently studying.

The aim of conducting EVS papers is to judge students whether they are aware of environmental issues or not. Some Environmental topics like, Biodiversity, Population, Natural Resources, Social issues and environmental pollution are very important for evs exams.

Grading System in EVS Exams

Grades are given as per marks scored by the student in the exam. Grades are been given as follows-

A+more than 75% marks
A60-75% marks
B45-59.9% marks
C30-44.9% marks
Fless than 30%(fail)

Exam Pattern for B.Sc Environmental Studies

There are total 50 questions containing MCQ types with four options. Only one option is correct and you have to choose one option out of four. Each question carry one marks. There is no negative marking in the paper. Question paper is asked both in English and Hindi.

Syllabus for B.Sc Environmental Studies Exam

The Syllabus contain 7 units which are as follows-

  1. The Multidisciplinary nature of Environmental Studies
  2. Natural Resources- Renewalble and Non-Renewable
  3. Ecosystems
  4. Biodiversity and its conservation
  5. Environmental Pollution
  6. Social Issues and Environment
  7. Human Population and Environment

Detailed syllabus of Environmental Studies has been given below in the PDF-

Exam Papers for B.Sc Environmental Studies

Download B.Sc EVS Papers from the download link given below-

We have also discussed the solutions of these papers on YouTube. If you would like to consume the video content then some of the video links have been provided below-

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